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The Quantum Shield
Philip Petersen PhD.
Science and Self-Help. Paperback and Hardcover, 174 pages.
ISBN = 978-1-890711-24-5. Published April 2011.
Paperback Retail: $12.95 Hardcover Retail: $29.95 US.
Hardcover and Paperback version now available on Amazon.

The Quantum Shield (book by Dr. Petersen) 12.95 paperback.



Book Description (Empyrean Quest Publishers):

When you are in a state of joy, harmony and peace, you are shielded from the effects of negative thoughts and feelings from yourself and others. Now, there is scientific evidence for such shielding and ways of creating it. Computer scientists are now working on quantum parallel computing, which could boost processor power to science-fiction levels. The parallel possibilities are threatened, however, by entanglement with forces from the environment. Scientists are attempting to create a physical shield against these forces. They call it a 'Quantum Shield'. Like a quantum computer, the brain works on tiny scales where quantum mechanics rules. Your brain has the potential of a q-computer, but also the weakness. To protect ourselves, we can create a mental and spiritual 'quantum shield' against damaging forces of thought, and prevent the waveform of life from collapsing into a life we don’t want.


"The book THE QUANTUM SHIELD is an unusual book because if you take its message seriously, it may change your life: you may actually be able to shield yourself from negative emotions. It is a new paradigm book, it is exciting and its message resonates with the movement of quantum consciousness."

From Richard Fuller
Senior Editor
Metaphysical Reviews:

“When you are in a state of joy, you don’t think negative thoughts or have destructive feelings. A state of joy is a state in which you are shielded from them, inside and out, and since consciousness is considered to be scientifically connected to quantum states, I call it the quantum shield. So the challenge is to attain a permanent state of joy. How many of you have done that?”

And so author, Professor of Astronomy and Physics, scientist and seeker Philip Petersen throws the gauntlet down to challenge you, the reader, to become better. And that betterment can affect not only you, but your loved ones, and, indeed, the world.

The Quantum Shield presents the means to understand how you can shield your life’s path from destructive influences. We read, “The more clearly you see the consequences of your decisions before they occur, the better you are able to choose.”

Dr. Petersen is a visionary who ties betterment to science, meditation, prayer, relaxation, exercise, diet, sleep, music, alone time, and yes, even forgiveness. The Quantum Shield clearly shows us how and why our brains work like a quantum computer. Ergo, we have the ability and opportunity to protect ourselves against negativity, thus enabling us to thrive in a state of joy.

If you can employ The Quantum Shield to protect yourself from negative thoughts and therefore be open to a state of joy, you can summon from within (and without) the ability to feel, sense, do and appreciate the world.

In this reviewer’s opinion, The Quantum Shield is a must read.

Abbey Reviews Abbey Reviews:

“Quantum Consciousness is the summit at which science and spirituality meet. Climbing by different paths, the merging of the two is clearly explained in the book, The Quantum Shield. Spirituality is the path to bliss, and this bliss shields one from the negative entanglement with destructive thoughts and feelings, which produces an effect similar to what a quantum physicist would call decoherence, or the collapse of the positive possibilities in life. Dr. Petersen lucidly outlines the path to this bliss. Though an awakening of humankind may be necessary to fully understand quantum consciousness, The Quantum Shield sets the stage for this awakening in words that anyone ready for the awakening can understand. Using examples from his own life, he shows how quantum shielding can prevent disastrous results. If you are interested in finding your path, passion or mission in life, don’t miss this book!”